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Jun 25

Gay marriage

Here’s what I don’t understand:

So New York very recently legalized gay marriage. Yeah! Go NY! Big Apple! Hooray, and all that. The New York Senate is controlled by the GOP. The GOP don’t traditionally support gay marriage. Now I’m not saying that it’s weird that the law passes, I mean every once in a while the Republicans (who are actually democrats but that’s a different rant) have to get something right, right? It’s the law of probability or some shit like that. The thing that I specifically don’t understand is that gay marriage is illegal in California. California, the state that contains what is probably the most liberal city to ever exist in human history, San Francisco. The state that bears the brunt of all the other state’s liberal jokes in the same way that Texas and Alabama bear the brunt of all the other state’s redneck/southern jokes. The state where thousands of people break federal law EVERY FUCKING DAY, BUT AREN’T ARRESTED BECAUSE IT’S NOT AGAINST THE FUCKING STATE LAW (eg. possession of “medical” marijuana). The state where democrats have controlled both the state senate AND the state assembly for 15 years. (I need not remind you that democrats are generally for gay marriage). 

But no, gay marriage is not legal here. Why? Because all the bigoted assholes who apparently make up more than 50% of the voting public don’t believe that some people should be allowed to marry, JUST BECAUSE OF WHO THEY LOVE! Let me ask you something: how is that fair? Why should someone be denied something just because of who they are? It’s like the civil rights movement all over again (minus the separate bathrooms and schools). I would think that more people would be able to realize that we are oppressing homosexual people. It may not be as obvious as it was in the past with black people or native americans, but it is happening. And it is up to us to put a stop to it because apparently no one else will admit that it is happening.